Why Solar Panels Are The Future

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The Sun has been both a mystery and a blessing to humankind since the dawn of man. It produces fifteen hundred times more energy than we currently create on earth totaling approximately 400 trillion, trillion watts. The best part is that Sun should be around for billions of years. The supply of fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and natural gas is dwindling each and every year. Many third world countries are starting to develop economically, causing more of a demand for energy driven technology. It only makes sense to harness what seems to be an endless resource of an extremely powerful energy.

That is why more people are installing solar panels on the roofs of their homes and businesses. As the cost of solar panel system drops, installations will significantly increase. For example, the solar panel manufacturers can now produce systems for less than half of the cost than they could in 2006. If that trend continues, it will be less expensive to install solar panels than a year’s worth of electricity bills. As of now solar panels are fairly expensive, averaging over ten thousand dollars per installation.

solar panels

The Federal and State governments are behind the solar panel movement as a renewable energy resource. This certainly bodes well for both the present and future of the industry. The government currently subsidizes property owners up to fifty percent of the cost of solar panel equipment, and installation; saving people thousands of dollars. At this rate, people will be able to recoup their initial outlay of cash verses paying the monthly electricity bill within years instead of decades. As equipment prices continue to drop in the future, the general population of home and business owners will be able to afford solar panels.

Solar panels are the perfect energy source for the World’s constantly evolving needs. It is a particularly clean source of power. Solar panels produce electricity without the harmful pollutants that are caused by burning fossil fuels and even wood products. The use of solar panels helps to alleviate the damaging effects of global warming. The process of manufacturing the systems is clean as well, and most last as long as twenty-five years.

Solar panels operate on nothing more than direct sunlight in order to create energy. The technology can be used to produce electricity wherever the sun shines, which is virtually everywhere on the planet. With solar panels, there is absolutely no need to set up factories or expensive infrastructure. Unlike other clean and renewable energy sources, such as wind and water, the equipment is set up at the source. That means the electricity does not need to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles in order to reach the end user. The energy is produced at the same site it is being consumed at. Solar panel technology can provide electricity to every nation in the world.

Many people are frustrated with the rising costs of electricity, and blame the large corporations that sell it to us. These costs will only continue to grow in the future as other natural energy sources diminish. In addition, consumers use more electricity than ever before. This tendency is sure to continue as we add more electronic devices to our households each year.

The limited supply and overwhelming demand for electricity all adds up to major price increases in the near future.

Solar panels allow people to literally live off of the grid and gain some control and independence over the large energy corporations that put a strangle hold on millions of consumers. People that have experienced a prolonged power outage will greatly appreciate the fact that they can produce their own electricity. With solar panels the control is in your own hands.

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Compelling proof that Solar Panels are the future

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Compelling proof that Solar Panels are the future

Not so long ago solar power was small business in the huge industry of generating energy. Not anymore, something has given way in the last few years where solar power has begun competing and challenging the old customary energy suppliers. The winds of change are blowing and solar panels and power will soon overtake the need or use of your normal service providers.


The demand for solar panels has never been higher which is influencing the growth the solar sector is experiencing at the moment, and it is quite staggering as more and more people turn that way. Last year in the United States solar power increased by 41%, this is nothing short of unbelievable. The growth was so large that it meant solar power was now in the top two in terms of producing natural energy, second only to natural gas. Solar panels are the future because of another huge industry gain; the panels are cheaper than they have ever been. The indication being that solar panels become cheaper every year. That stat would seem to suggest that solar power and panels will be the way of the future, if you can offer consumers a cheaper price yet give them the same product and result then you are here to stay and will be the go to option for years to come.


One cannot overlook China’s part to play solar panels becoming the future. They are primarily the reason prices keep plummeting regarding solar panels. China is responsible in producing half of the worlds solar market therefore allowing them to implement cut throat pricing which is letting the rest of the world go solar. Chinas part to play has enabled the rest of the world to get involved as it is now more affordable. Big businesses are choosing solar these days which means its becoming economically viable to now implement these structures. All of the biggest players in the world of big business are putting in solar panels to cut costs on electricity and energy from the normal service providers. When big business and the corporate companies start going solar it’s not because of their images they are trying to protect and enhance, that may be what we are sometimes told but the bottom line in this day and age is all about profit and these guys get it. Solar panels are the way forward for them as they are starting to become the cheapest and are making clear economical sense.


slide1 (1)It is clear the winds of change are not only blowing in a solar future but they are doing it quickly. The evidence is there for all to see that solar panels are the future. There are not many companies or people who haven’t switched yet in some from or another or at least have started considering it in some form. The solar power movement will become a way of life one day in the near future as it becomes more recognized and cheaper. There is more than enough compelling proof and hard evidence on show to suggest that solar panels are the future

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Solar Panels – Easiest & Most Efficient Way of Harnessing Solar Energy At Home

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Solar Panels – Easiest & Most Efficient Way of Harnessing Solar Energy At Home


Scientists believe that every square meter of the earth’s surface receives 164 watts of solar energy. This implies that if this energy is trapped, the whole planet can be lit up without drilling oil or depending on nuclear power plant for electricity. For instance, if Solar panels can be installed on 1% of Sahara Desert surface, enough electricity could be generated to power the whole world.

However, solar energy comes as either light or heat. Light is essential for plants while heat keeps the planet warm. These two forms cannot be used to run appliances such as televisions. This is where Solar panels come in.

What exactly are solar panels?

They are large flat rectangular panels which are made up of individual solar collectors known as solar cells. These cells are covered with a protective sheet of glass. Solar panels come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from radiator size to door size.

These cells are about the size of an adult’s palm. They generate electricity by capturing solar energy hence they are also known as Photovoltaic (PV) cells. The cells are made from silicon.


Solar panels – how they work

Once the sun shines on the PV cells, each cell acts as a photosensitive diode which instantly converts the light energy into electricity. Note that they don’t convert heat energy.

At the top of the cell layers, there is a phosphorus-diffused silicon layer which contains free electrons. At the bottom, there is a thicker layer doped with boron which has holes or no electrons which can move freely.

Photons bombard and penetrate the cell after sun’s light rays activate them. In turn, they activate electrons making them loose in the silicon layers. Simultaneously, some electrons from the bottom layer sling-shot to the top of the cell. These electrons flow through conductors as electricity. There is a solid contact layer at the bottom which allow electrons to flow back into the cell hence creating a circuit.

Other components of the solar panel system

The electricity generated by the solar panels is usually in direct current (DC) form. Most of the household appliances use alternating current (AC). Therefore, you must include an inverter in your system to do this for you.

At times, the solar panels might generate more electricity than required. Therefore, you should include a Net meter which spins back the excess electricity to the grid for other people to use. Home owners are credited for this excess electricity.

solar-energySmart homeowners might consider installing a monitor which enables them to track down how much power is generated and how much is used.

What to do before installing solar panels

First, you should carry out some research about the local building and fire codes. For example, in some local communities a certain portion of the roof should be left free to enable firemen access the house in case of a fire.

Secondly, ensure that you hire professionals to install the solar panels. In addition, they should:

  • Have the required permits to perform the task
  • Contact your electricity supplier for arrangements of payment when excess electricity is generated.


By installing ideal Solar panels for your home, you will save a lot of money from going to electricity bills. Solar energy can never be exhausted. Harness it today.

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Benefits Reaped from Investing in Solar Panels

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Benefits Reaped from Investing in Solar Panels

Powering a home with solar energy is actually one of the wisest decisions anyone can ever make. At a time when the world is trying to preserve non-renewable energy, there wouldn’t be a better option than investing in the resources needed to build a solar system. Now more than ever, solar panels are inadequate supply in the market. You just have to determine the most appropriate one for your household. Your choice of solar panel will depend on the size of your house, your energy needs as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend.
Keep reading to find out Why should you invest in solar panels.

Its helps you save money
The amount of money you save is again dependent on the size of the solar system installed. On average, investing in a solar panel can help you save up to 50 percent on your usual electricity bill. Better still, you could have the benefit of eliminating your entire electricity bill. In America, the average household utilizes 920kWh per month. On the other hand, the worlds average installation of solar systems accounts for 840 kWh on a monthly basis. If you have been looking for a way to cut down or completely eliminate electricity bills, there isn’t a better way than buying the right solar panel for your home.


Increases the value of your home
There is nothing as important as knowing that the value of your home appreciates instead of depreciating. The purchase and installation of solar panels improve the value of your home instantly. A research study conducted by Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory revealed interesting facts. Apparently, the installation of solar system usually increases the resale value of a home by $5.50 per watt, on average. That’s not all. Depending on the location of your home, the resale value could go up by $6.40 per watt. In that case, a solar system of 3.1 kW can improve the resale value of your home by up to $17,000. The same studies also revealed that homes, where solar systems have been installed, sell between 17 and 20 percent faster compared to the homes without solar systems.

Another way of increasing your home’s value is presented by Windows Winnipeg.

Reliability of energy
Over time, people across the world have mastered the rising as well as the setting of the sun. Across the world, individuals know exactly when the sun rises and sets every other day throughout the year. In general, it’s fairly possible for homeowners to predict the amount of sunlight receivable in varying locations. As a result, solar energy is considered a relatively reliable option.

Energy independence is guaranteed
Just like energy security boost, installation of solar systems provides the advantage of energy independence to the homeowners. Furthermore, the apparent fuel used by solar panels can neither be purchased nor monopolized. Rather, it is completely free for everyone to use. After the installation of the solar panel, you reap the benefit of an independent source of power that is entirely yours.

Have you always wanted to take part in environmental conservation? Solar panels give you the opportunity to minimize your carbon footprint and consequently protect the earth. In America, every household generates approximately 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide annually via electrical use. Sadly, carbon dioxide is one of the causes of global warming that is wrecking havoc on our planet. Global warming is causing erosion of shorelines, melting of the glaciers and animals are becoming more and more endangered. With a solar system in your home, you can help to conserve over 16000 gallons of water annually.


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